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4 Reasons to Try CBD Edibles | Biotanica CBD

While cannabidiol (CBD) products have become increasingly popular, we have also seen the rise of CBD edibles as a standout, popular product for many users. Once the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant, it is cooked into food. There are a variety of reasons people choose CBD edibles over CBD products. Let’s learn a little bit more about their benefits.

Long-Lasting Effects

Consuming CBD edibles as opposed to vaping CBD provides longer lasting effects. It typically takes about thirty minutes to two hours for edibles to kick in. As the food is ingested, the CBD is slowly release, which means longer-lasting relief. In fact, CBD edibles can last up to four hours longer than CBD that is inhaled.

Availability and Flavor Options

CBD edibles are readily available for purchase online. You’ll not only be able to choose from a variety of doses, but there are tons of flavor options too. Choose from lollipops and gummy bears to chocolate bars, honey and everything in-between. Some people even enjoy CBD chewing gum! This not only gives people a variety of tasting options, it is a fun way to take in CBD.


CBD edibles are discreet. It’s much easier to pop in a piece of CBD gum or chew a CBD gummy or two as opposed to taking out a vapor pen.

No Lung Irritation

In light of the recent questions over long-term consequences of vaping, some individuals don’t want to take the unknown risk of trying out a vapor pen. CBD edibles take away any potential risk for lung irritation.

In addition to the positive effects above, as with all CBD products, CBD edibles come with minimal side effects but numerous benefits. Check out our product line here.

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