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Are CBD Products FDA-Approved?

When looking for ways to cure illnesses or chronic pain issues like migraines, arthritis, joint pain, etc., many people will turn towards medicine. Whether you are trying out over-the-counter meds or natural healing techniques, many people wonder if the method of treatment is FDA-approved. Before a drug is allowed to hit the shelf as FDA-approved, it goes through about twelve years of researching, testing, and development. The FDA does not test the drugs themselves. Instead, they review the testing process to ensure the testing has been ethical and is safe for people to use. One up-and-coming medication that many adults are seeking out to try is CBD, and before taking it, you might ask yourself, Are CBD products FDA-approved? The answer is yes and no. Some CBD products have been approved for specific uses, while others have not.

CBD Products that are FDA-Approved

FDA has approved a cannabis-derived product (CBD) and three cannabis-related products. If you suffer from seizures due to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome, you can take the drug Epidiolex, which has CBD in it, to treat it. Other cannabis-related products have been FDA-approved have been used for therapeutic purposes. While these are the only CBD medications currently approved for use by the FDA, there are more in the works that could potentially pop up in the coming years.

If My CBD Products are not FDA-Approved, is it Safe?

While they are not FDA-approved, CBD products are still safe. CBD products are currently classified as supplements, which do not undergo the FDA approval process. The vitamins and minerals that you can purchase in stores are not FDA-approved either. With any new medication or supplement you take it is always essential to contact your doctor before using them. Adding new supplements to your routine can mess with the effects of other medications, so it is always safe to ask your doctor first. It is primarily up to the manufacturer to keep your CBD supplements safe. Taking CBD products can help manage many issues, from sleep disorders and anxiety to pain.

If you are looking into using CBD products to manage your pain in a more natural way, visit us today. While only some CBD products are FDA-approved, our products are all made to keep you safe even without an FDA label. There are proven benefits to CBD products that will hopefully allow you to live a close to pain-free life.

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