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CBD Uses to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are unfortunately very common these days, whether it stems from poor sleep habits, social media, or the continuation of the pandemic. Either way, the increase in anxiety and stress disorders are becoming a bigger problem every day. While not a substitution for medication and therapy, more and more people are turning to CBD to help manage their daily stress and anxiety.

The Benefits of CBD

CBD has no shortage of potential benefits, from helping ease chronic pain to helping manage depression and anxiety. CBD was discovered less than 100 years ago and has been legalized in all fifty states, but research is still ongoing. Only recently have people found out about its potential health benefits and started using it. CBD can have a major positive impact on your mental health, which is one of the largest reasons why many people are trying CBD products.

CBD For Anxiety and Stress

According to a 2020 study, 68% of people found CBD effective and 32% found it ineffective. This discrepancy could be because of differences in portion size, or it could be due to the different ways the respondents’ immune systems handled the CBD.

Either way, CBD is proven to work on people with anxiety and can be a supplemental form of treatment alongside therapy or medication. It is still unknown how, exactly, CBD helps anxiety, but scientists believe it has something to do with the way CBD affects the serotonin in your body. This could also be a reason why CBD can help with stress. Since serotonin affects with your mood and behavior, CBD may give you a boost of serotonin to help your mood rise a few levels.

There are so many positive sides to CBD! Visit the Biotanica blog for even more information on how to use CBD, the benefits of CBD products, and more. Interested in trying CBD for yourself? Browse the online Biotanica store.

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