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Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Dosing

Many people mistake CBD for THC, but they are significantly different from one another. CBD is used as a treatment for both physical and mental issues. It might be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and even depression. The positive effects of CBD therapeutics are getting more attention over the last few years.

Perhaps the most popular inquiry that patients looking to begin or try CBD treatment might have is about dosing. How much should they use? How often should they medicate?

Understanding the Difference Between CBD and THC

Cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant. Though some people may not know, CBD and THC are just 2 out of 113 types of cannabinoids. When used, they can influence areas of the brain such as thinking, memory, eating, reflexes, sleeping, mood, and more.

In a medical setting, both CBD and THC are used for their positive effects, the most popular being a calming/relaxed feeling and a more positive mood. There are very important differences between CBD and THC, though. For example, THC can have a psychoactive effect on the human brain. The effects of CBD, on the other hand, are not psychoactive, but can also treat pain, anxiety, and mood.

Getting the Correct Dosage

Depending on your height and weight, CBD might not influence you if you’re trying it for the first time. Some people will have to try CBD a few times before feeling any effect. This is because dosing is not a one-size-fits-all occurrence. It’s recommended that those new to CBD treatment begin with a low dose and work their way to a dose that works well for them.

Understanding Your CBD Needs

If you are taller or heavier than it is recommended to take higher dosages. According to research, it is recommended to take 0.25(mg) and multiply it by your weight to find out the correct dosage to take. For example, if you are 140 lbs., you would multiply your weight by 0.25, which gets you 35mg. Age will also have a factor in deciding the perfect dosage to take. The older you get, the slower your metabolism gets, which means it will take longer to feel the effects as you get older.

Micro-dosing with CBD

For some, micro-dosing is the perfect technique when trying CBD for the first time. Especially for those looking for medical treatment, your immune system can be affected by the dose you take. A very small dose can be the perfect fort for your body.

CBD and THC therapies can have very different effects on your body. If you have any concerns about dosing, you should always talk to your doctor. If you are looking for a natural alternative for your health, contact Biotanica CBD today.

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