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National CBD Month

It’s officially National CBD Month! Each year in January, the incredible plant is recognized for all of its amazing benefits. The month is designed to raise awareness about CBD and educate the public about what CBD is and isn’t. After all, some people are still convinced CBD is the same thing as marijuana! All month-long, cbdMD, the founder of CBD month, aims to bust CBD myths and teach people how to use CBD safely.


In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed by Congress. Once a law, it legalized the production and use of hemp-derived goods at the federal level. This made CBD extremely accessible for people throughout the country. Despite its accessibility, many people still don’t understand its powerful benefits and how to use it. CBD can be used not just by people, but pets too! There are a variety of forms, dosages, and spectrums to choose from. CBD can be taken as an oil that you place on your tongue, in a capsule, and in edibles. CBD can be vaped as well, and some people even use CBD beauty products so that the CBD absorbs into the skin. CBD is used to help with a variety of symptoms, from anxiety and depression, to pain management, stress, and insomnia.


While both hemp and marijuana are strains of cannabis, they don’t share the same properties. Marijuana contains large amounts of THC—the substance that is responsible for giving people the sensation of being “high”—while legally, CBD is only allowed to contain trace amounts of THC (no more than 0.3%). These trace amounts of THC in CBD do not provoke the same intoxicating effects that marijuana does. CBD may relax you and help you work through your anxiety, but it will not make you high and it won’t intoxicate you. In fact, many people use CBD to help them focus during the day.

Another myth is that CBD can cure diseases. While CBD is certainly a powerful plant, claims that CBD will cure cancer or other serious diseases are unfounded. CBD is a great addition to your health routine, but be sure you pursue proper medical treatment for diseases. You should also research your product before you buy. Make sure you are purchasing a premium product.


It’s always best to speak with your doctor before trying CBD for yourself. While CBD is generally considered to be safe, there is always the off chance that one of the medications you are taking could cause an interaction. Your doctor can help you decide on the right dose to start with. Dosing is otherwise largely a learning process. Most people start low and gradually increase their dosage until the desired effect is achieved, and then they consistently take that dosage.

Are you celebrating National CBD month? We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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