Delta-8  THC High Potency Kief Infused Flower 1 Gram Prerolls

Delta-8 THC High Potency Kief Infused Flower 1 Gram Prerolls


Grab your favorite strains of CBD flower with D8! These flowers are organically grown and then properly infused it Delta 8 distillate and then rolled in kief, to give the experience you crave!

Available in 1 gram prerolls: Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

- Banana Runtz is a hybrid strain made from crossing the classic Zkittlez and Gelato strains. The aroma is delicious, with a pungent and spicy overtone accented by fresh fruity banana and sour candy. You'll feel lifted with a sense of mental energy and motivation that has your euphoria flying and your focus dialed in. Banana Runtz is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms or cramps, arthritis and chronic stress.

- Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant legendary hybrid originating in California. Crossing blueberry with haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration.

- Purple Punch is the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classic strains-- OG and Grandaddy Purple. The strain smells of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-aid. The potency of this strain gives the consumer 1-2 punch to the head and body.

Quality Assured: This premium grade CBD hemp flower is 3rd party tested in a state approved facility to ensure the legal nature of the hemp products. Each product comes with QR code linking directly to the COA (certificate of analysis) page.

NOTE: Delta-8 is a form of THC that is much less psychoactive than delta-9 THC, but still produces a mild high in most people. Everyone is unique, so please exercise caution using this product. Should be used with caution; do not drive or run heavy machinery while using this product.

SHIPPING: Unfortunately, due to twelve states not having favorable Hemp or CBD laws, we cannot currently ship to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, and Utah. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you will reach out to your state lawmakers to help support change!

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