Nano Patch

Nano Patch


Get steady relief all day long! Enjoy these time release topical patches for up to 8 hours. Not only does it include CBD but you also get the added benefit of lidocaine and menthol. These are most often used on areas of the back or abdomen but can be applied anywhere. A light adhesive will stick to your skin. These can even be cut into smaller patches.


Per package: 3 patches

- CBD: 120 mg

- 40mg CBD per patch

- Broad spectrum (ZERO THC)

- Third party tested

- Organic


Directions: apply patch anywhere desired. Patches can be cut. Will work for up to 8 hours of time release control. Remove patch when desired but do not leave on for extended periods of over 24 hours. Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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