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Seltzers + Drinks

Seltzers + Drinks

PriceFrom $6.00

Who is thirsty? Seltzers are a easy way to enjoy THC.

Many customers will choose to use these in social settings!



• Minnesota made

• Fast acting (nano product)

• Black cherry : 5mg THC (1 serving per 12oz can)

• Pink lemonade: 10mg (2 servings per 12oz can)

Bent Paddle:

• Minnesota made

• Passion Fruit: 2mg THC + 25mg CBD (12oz can)

• Mango Guava: 5mg THC + 5mg CBD (12oz can)


• Blood orange cardamom, lemon lavender, and grapefruit rosemary: 2mg THC + 4mg CBD (8oz can)


• Minnesota made

• Orange and strawberry soda: 5mg THC (12oz can)

Trail Magic:

• Minnesota made

• Lime Margarita: 5mg (12oz can)

• Half and Half: 5mg (12oz can)

All products:

- Third party tested

- MN HF 3595 Compliant

- Farm Bill Compliant

- 21 + | Adults Only

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