Vapor Battery Pen

Vapor Battery Pen


This pen simplifies vaping. Between complicated mechanisms and buttons, many vaporizers are difficult to use. Some require precision settings and calibration with every use to ensure a consistent experience. Here are three simple reasons the Highlighter Vapor Battery is the best vape to start with: no buttons, no preheating, no waiting. 


Because it’s breath-activated, Highlighter is the easiest vape to use. Simply inhale to activate the state-of-the-art CCELL vape hardware, which is optimized for a potent, more flavorful vape experience. 

Highlighter Vapor Battery comes partially charged and ready to use. When a recharge is needed, connect our rechargeable vape to a device with the included USB adapter for about an hour. 


Per pen:

-  Works with most 510-thread cartridges

- Best-in-class CCELL hardware

- Optimized for clean, flavorful vapor Up to 300+ puffs on a single charge

- No buttons, no preheating, no waiting—just inhale!

- Upgraded laser-etched detailin


Directions: attach your vape cartridge of choice, we highly recommend the Bloom Farms CBD carts that use uncut oil; inhale and enjoy! 


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